We keep it clean

Our beliefs:

We believe that we all can make a difference, no trash shall be left behind in the great outdoors! We also make an effort to clean up after those acting less responsible, hoping that we all can do better together!

How you can help:

Join our clean up expeditons in Norway, become a supporter on social media, and send donations!

About our Expeditions in Norway

We will every year starting from 2021 send out expeditions of campervans, filled up with inspiring people from all around the world who aim to create focus on the huge problem with plastic waste! For the 2021 expediton we aim to have 10-15 campervans on the road for about a week in September.

While on the road the participants will explore amazing places like Lofoten, Geiranger, Trollstigen, Jotunheimen, and many more!

There will be competitions among the campervan crews , with an announced winner at the end of the week, cash prices, and giveaways to your followers on social media!

Maybe you are one of the crew we are looking for this year? To find out, send us a message and tell us about yourself!

The campervans we use on these expeditions, are made available to us at no cost for the participants by Wecamp.no, a fully Norwegian owned and operated company.

All participants on the expedition will initially cover their own expenses related to travel to and from Norway, fuel, food and supplies while enroute. Depending on the success rate of this project, Campersagainstplastic might be able to reimburse some of these expenses later on.

Are we the real thing?

Campersagainstplastic is listed in the Norwegian Registry of Foundations, and we adhere to their strict standards and requirements for our operations.

Financial auditing of Campersagainstplastic is performed by EY (Ernst&Young)

If you have any more questions you may contact us by using the donation form and leave a message in the comments field.


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