We keep it clean

Our beliefs

We believe that we all can make a difference, no trash shall be left behind in the great outdoors! We also make an effort to clean up afters those acting less responsible, hoping that we all can do better together!

How you can help

Join our clean up expeditons in Norway, become a supporter on social medias, and send donations!

About our Expeditions

As soon as the covid-19 situation is under control and travel restrictions are lifted, we can start to make plans for our next Campersagainstplastic Expedition. Several campervans with participants from multiple countries around the world, will team up on a fantastic roadtrip trough Norway!

While on the road the participants will explore awesome places like Lofoten, Geiranger, Trollstigen, Jotunheimen, and so on. At the same time we will make stops on selected places where we clean up plastic waste and keep it clean!

The campervans used on these expeditions are made available to us at no cost for the participants by Wecamp.no, our main sponsor. Please note that you may rent the campervan and prolong your trip if you wish to.

All participants on the expeditions will cover their own expenses related to travel to and from Norway, supplies, and individual activities not arranged by Campersagaisntplastic.

All other costs are covered by Campersagainstplastic or our sponsors.

Are we the real thing?

Campersagainstplastic is listed in the Norwegian Registry of Foundations, and we adhere to their strict standars and requirements for our operations.

Financial auditing of Campersagainstplastic is done by EY (Ernst&Young)

If you have any more questions you may contact us by using the donation form and leave a message in the comments field.


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